A New Year’s Blessing

A new year, a chance to begin again.

A new year, a moment of hope.

There is purity and freshness in this new year; you can make it whatever you want it to be.

The old year is gone. You don’t need to worry about it any more. You can unload its baggage here and move into a new year with a fresh face.

It’s a clean slate, a fresh start.

This year, I pray that the weak gain the strength to carry on, the broken know the beauty in their scars, the tired rest in the peace they desire, the lonely find the joy of solitude, and the cold learn the warmth of love.

I hope that hugs are given freely, people dance for joy, strangers smile at one another, kind words are spoken, the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, and people share flowers instead of hate.

May you find whatever you’re looking for, learn whatever you’re missing, discover small beauties, enjoy doing good, cherish moments of greatness, and grow more into yourself.

May you love with a love that is more than love (thanks, Edgar).

May you hope with every breath inside you.

Know the joy of a sunrise, a good book, a hot cup of coffee or tea, rain on a roof, thunder storms in spring, an unexpected visitor, a secret smile, a laugh with a friend, or holding someone’s hand.

May this year bring you everything you need and some of what you want with a few laughs sprinkled in for good measure.

May you be surrounded by friends and family who love you.

May you know the love of the Father in new and wonderful ways.

This is my prayer for you this year.